oh? (/purses his lips together and lifts his free hand to pat him on the head) as long as you’re not making any trouble… (/a hint of a smile appears on his face)

… ~ (/ closes an eye at the pat and grins widely, his nose scrunching up just the slightest as he nods furiously; since when was he ever trouble anyway?) .. ?~ (/ tilts his head to the side, smoothing out the older’s clothes and blinks a few times, patting his stomach and shoots him a look; wondering if he was hungry)

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12-15/100 pictures of chanyeol

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dropped chanyeol!

welp. lol. s’was fun while it lasted.

but i gotta let my dandere gooooooooooooo ~


pce guise. see you on gongchan & w8 for my new charrie aiight? \o/

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Anonymous asked: will you be participating in unf week? :3

( tbqh, i think chanyeol gets enough action without having to participate lol. )

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Anonymous asked: exo orgy for unf week y/y?

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(/tilts head, frown still on his face because he’s not a fan of anything that’s… cute)

(/purses his lips slightly, trying not to look too amused and steps closer to the other, coiling his tail around his wrist) .. !~ (/reaches up carefully and presses his fingers to the corner of Howl’s lips, lifting it slightly so his lips formed a straight line rather than a frown) …. ~ (/smiles slightly and lets out a soft chuckle, nodding to himself; would rather see an emotionless Howl than an annoyed one any day)